Becoming a licensed producer with Health Canada is strictly regulated. Indeed, many cases are refused!

Why waste your time? Since your time is precious and your investment is just as valuable, our team makes it a point to make sure to carry out in-depth security investigations, in addition to verifying the compliance of applications and supporting its customers.

Our extensive network of contacts will allow you to find suppliers for all phases of your project, whether for the preparatory and exploratory phase or for cultivation, we can offer you several options. We will also put you in touch with the most competent architectural, engineering and legal professionals so that your project is a success!

We can also help you in obtaining licenses and authorizations for the production of industrial hemp.

We will accompany you from A to Z, whether you want to become a micro-producer, micro-processor or standard producer or processor. We will also support you in your Research and Development or Analytical Testing projects.

Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, SGF Group has obtained several standard cultivation, processing, micro-production and micro-processing licenses in addition to having obtained Research and Development and Analytical Testing licenses.

By doing business with us, you will avoid all the rumors that are going around and you will have the truth in addition to having the assurance of being in the hands of professionals who are well established in the industry!